WhatsUpGold MP v1.0.5

Since the last post of this MP, I have made a few changes based on some input for those who have tested it so far.  I have included runas accounts you can map to the SQL servers for device and monitor discoveries and monitoring.  I have also included a one way from SCOM to WUG Maintenance Mode Sync.  This is based on the information that comes from the 1215 and 1216 events on the Management Server.  What it does is take the ID of the object being put into MM, and find the corresponding WUG Device Class object and put it and its monitors into MM.  At the same time it will take the corresponding WUG Device class item and connect to the SQL back-end that contains the device and put it into MM.  This means the runas account that is used for the SQL connection will need to have write access to update the proper table.  On the SCOM side connection it is using the All Management Servers Resource Pool Agent Management Account.

If you have issues please give me a comment or a shout on System Center Central.  While not completely refined yet, there are still some items I hope to add in future iterations such as device removal, and possibly some means to unify monitoring from one remote system to another.  In addition I also am working on a Snap Manager for Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL, with some SnapDrive Monitoring aspects as well.  I do hope I can complete that by mid August.

See below for link to file.

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