What account names do hackers use in brute force attacks?

My son (who you may remember from our video on Operations Manager, Live Maps & Kinect) and I teamed up again recently to gather information on what accounts hackers are using when attempting to brute force attack systems. To do this we configured a honeypot server with the proper level of auditing, combined with a hard to randomly guess user account and password, and integrated with Microsoft OMS (www.microsoft.com/oms). This blog post will review:

  • How did we setup the honeypot system?
  • What does the security and audit system look like in OMS
  • A list of the top accounts for hackers to use for brute-force attacks

To see the details, check out the full version of the post at: http://blogs.catapultsystems.com/cfuller/archive/2016/03/23/what-account-names-do-hackers-use-in-brute-force-attacks/

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