SCOM 2016: Management Configuration Service group failed to perform snapshot synchronization work item for a period of time

Fellow Systems Center professionals, maybe you can help me with this recurring issue. I am getting alerts like this almost every day multiple times. The KB articles,Technet all point to the tweaking of parameters in configservice.config file. In 2016 they are already specified as per recommendations- Timeout values, delta sync etc. I also changed MDOP settings on the SQL DB instance which has plenty of HP- 8 CPU, 32 GB RAM etc. We have 6 Management servers, 2 Gateway servers, approx. 2000 agents, 800 network devices. Resource pools have correct memberships for segregating the heavy hitters like Network and Unix/Linux agents.

Any help will be appreciated. I have ran snapshot synch job, ran query on the table and all i see is return code 10(failed).


Kapil Dham

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