Ready-made, IT-centric and fancy dashboards by SCOM Expert Daniel Orneling

For many of us, Savision has always been synonymous with Live Maps Unity, a Business Service Management solution. Live Maps Unity is a great solution as it gives us a clear visualization of the health, availability and performance of your business services using data from SCOM. But wouldn’t it be great to also have some ready-made IT-centric dashboards along with the possibility to create your own fancy dashboards? That day has come, as Savision has just made their new solution, Dashboards by Savision, publicly available.

Dashboards by Savision is a free, web based, HTML5 solution that gives us all the information we need on several services out-of-the-box. How about ready-made dashboards for services like SQL Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), Exchange Server 2013 or Sharepoint 2013? Those components come out-of-the-box and are automatically populated based on the information you have already gathered from the monitoring of servers in Operations Manager.

The free version comes with the above mentioned dashboards and one (1) additional custom dashboard that you can create just the way you want it. However, if you´re a Live Maps Unity customer under a current Maintenance & Support contract, you´ll receive the premium version of Dashboards at no extra cost. The premium version gives you the standard dashboards found in the free version plus you´ll get an unlimited number of custom dashboards.

Read the complete blog here if you want to learn how to install Dashboards by Savision, and how to create a custom dashboard by using the information inside SCOM.

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