PowerShell Snippet to Remotely Disable IPv6

As we’ve been working more and more with Windows Server 2012 R2, we’ve discovered issues stemming from IPv6 in the network stack. Two specific issues we’ve discovered:

  • During DNS lookups, Windows Server 2012 R2 first issues a DNS lookup request over IPv6. Typically the lookup will fail as IPv6 is not widely deployed yet. In some scenarios, rather than also performing a request over IPv4, the DNS lookup just fails. This impacts everything that depends on DNS, from AD to System Center to Exchange.
  • In some scenarios, PowerShell cmdlets, specifically RDS-related cmdlets, will fail. Disabling IPv6 enables those cmdlets to successfully execute.

The following PowerShell snippet can be used to disable IPv6 on a remote system. It can easily be wrapped inside a function for batch operation.

Caveats: WinRM must be enabled, and the code restarts the remote computer to finish applying the operation.

UPDATE: this was also posted to my personal blog.

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