Patching Lync & Skype for Business

When patching Lync & Skype for Business, beekeeper has a validation pack that contains PowerShell scripts to remove a system from service. Once its out of service, patching can take place.

These pre-patching PowerShell validation tasks include:

  • Verifying a server can be removed from service using the Get-CSPoolUpdateReadiness cmdlet
  • Testing whether there are any active calls
  • Stopping the Lync/Skype services

Now beekeeper can use the SCCM client to install the software updates and reboot the server.

Once it returns from the reboot, post-patching PowerShell validation tasks include:

  • Verifying Lync/Skype services are running
  • Test an outgoing call

If the environment includes Database Mirroring for the Lync/Skype database, there are additional validations for those servers:

  • Failover DB to Mirror for patching
  • Failing back to Primary after patching
  • Verifying Database Synchronization

With this validation pack, beekeeper is your solution for patching the Lync/Skype pools.

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