Management Packs

SharePoint 2010 Dashboard Views for OpsMgr 2012

This management pack contains a collection of SharePoint 2010 dashboard views, including: SharePoint 2010 Health & Availability – Farm, Server, Shared Service, Site and Site Collection and SharePoint Health Rule  SharePoint SLO Dashboard (24 hr) – A service level dashboard (pack includes service-level tracking configuration for the SharePoint farm as well) This pack requires the […]

Exchange 2010 Dashboard Views for OpsMgr 2012 110208

This management pack contains a collection of four OpsMgr 2012 dashboard views designed to present the health and availability of Exchange 2010, including: Exchange 2010 Org, Server, Transport and DB Health Exchange 2010 SLO Dashboard (24 hr) Exchange 2010 DB, Role, Transport and HA Health Transport Queue Performance You can see some screenshots of these […]

Virtual Machine Manager Diagram Overrides MP

This management pack turns on monitoring in the diagram view in SCOM for VMM. Out of the box, the Distributed Application and the Diagram views are not monitored. This MP adds in the Dependency Monitors to show top level monitors without having to drill into the diagram. Instructions on how I created are at my […]

Active Directory 2008 Health Dashboard View for OpsMgr 2012

This sample MP contains an Active Directory 2008 Health dashboard view for Operations Manager 2012 that provides insight at-a-glance insight into health of the logical components such as forest, domain controllers and global catalogs, as well as components relating to physical topology such as sites, site links and connection objects.

Backup Unsealed Management Packs (OpsMgr 2012 Edition)

by Neale Brown, Derek Harkin, Pete Zerger and Tommy Gunn, this MP performs nightly backup of unsealed MPs to a folder on the Management Server using an embedded Powershell script, as well as a version archive of X days previous backups as defined by the user. User configurable settings are exposed as overridable parameters in […]

Sample Agent Maintenance Mode 2012 MP

The Zip file includes the Sample.Agent.MaintenanceMode.xml and two options to set the maintenance mode: through a splash screen based on PowerShell and a vb script. The solution is designed for Operations Manager 2012 and PowerShell 2.0. A detailed description can be found here: Sample Agent Maintenance Mode 2012 MP.

Logical Disk Free Space Addendum MP (for Windows 2003/2008)

Created by Kevin Holman, these addendum MP’s for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 provide a means for detailed information in the alert description regarding disk free space. Each simply include a script datasource, monitortype, and monitor to use instead of the items in the current sealed Base OS MP’s.  These addendum MP’s are […]