Management Packs

Automated defragmentation management pack

After importing the management pack: When you add the automated defragmentation pack, two groups are created: “Drives to AutoDefragment” and “Drives to disable fragmentation monitoring”. The two group approach provides a way that the OpsMgr administrator can approach any of the common disk defragmentation requirements that I have run into: 1) I don’t want to […]

Sample Hyper-V capacity dashboards

The sample management pack provided for download depends on two other management packs: The OpsLogix capacity intelligent pack: My dashboard pack for VMM: This pack includes a group for the Hyper-V hosts (Hosts in VMM) which I use in the sample Hyper-V capacity pack.

Sample APC management pack

Sample SCOM 2012 management pack for APC UPS and rPDU devices. I have focused on using all already discovered information, so no discovery SNMP probes are necessary. I added monitors for the following SNMP OIDs: UPS: upsBasicOutputStatus upsBasicBatteryStatus upsAdvBatteryReplaceIndicator upsAdvBatteryRunTimeRemaining upsAdvBatteryCapacity upsAdvOutputLoad rPDU: rPDULoadStatusLoadState rPDUPowerSupply1Status rPDUPowerSupply2Status Additionally the following rules collect the current status (for […]

SMB Shares Connections Detection Management Pack

Management Pack to detect new SMB (Shared Folders) connection as well as disconnection events. More information can be found here:  

Active Directory Group Populator Management Pack214610

This management pack creates tree of organizational units and groups in OpsMgr Groups like in Active Directory. Before import Discovery Management Pack you must change “distinguishedName” property in Discovery rule “Discover Active Directory Root Organizational Unit” and enable it, or import all packs (sealed library and unsealed discovery mp) and override these properties in authoring pane. […]

WSUS 3.0 management pack extension

Add this management pack to an Operations Manager 2012 environment with the WSUS 3.0 management pack to add views, and configure the discovery for a less frequent configuration.

SCOM check for Updated Management Packs

Original source: The challenge Using the SCOM native console the import from the Microsoft Management Pack Catalog is a nice feature. I like also the feature to check and import updated MPs that you have already imported in your management group. But what I really miss and don’t understand : why did the product […]

Orchestrator Management Pack to autorestart services

If you import this management pack into an environment where the Orchestrator management pack is in place and function this management pack will enable the overrides on recoveries to automatically restart the two orchestrator services monitored by the Orchestrator management pack.

Global Service Monitoring – Debug management pack

To gather events from Global Service Monitoring, import this management pack and review the Application Monitoring GSM Event folder within the event view to see what events are occurring both for GSM and for TFS in Operations Manager 2012 SP1.