KB Article: OpsMgr 2007 ACS reports return no more than 42 days of data

I just saw this article…Makes me wonder if we’ll get a free archival tool from MS for OpsMgr ACS someday soon?


When using System Center Operations Manager 2007, the audit database data retention period is set to 100 days but Audit Collection Services (ACS) reports return no more than 42 days data.


The ACS collector service uses DbCreatePartition.sql to create the partition tables and DbDeletePartition.sql (C:\Windows\System32\Security\AdtServer on the Collector server) to delete the partition tables based on the retention period. It also creates the views AdtServer.dvall, AdtServer.dvall5 and AdtServer.dvheader. In DbCreatePartition.sql and DbDeletePartition.sql, the dvall , dvall5 and dvheader views use a union of only the top 42 partition tables.


Read more at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2663919

More on ACS on the WIKI

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  1. joedali

    It was my call to MSPS last month that got this article published. It shocked all of us to find the 42 days limit in the sql files. The engineers in Bangalore were stumped for a few days, then we found it. Also, you cannot edit them directly, as the article does not point out, you need to create new ones with a greater day, then replace. I cannot believe after all these years no one noticed when running a query higher than 42 days that it only returned 42 days.

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