How to disable automatic Snap and Glue behavior in MS Visio 2013

Have you ever been irritated by the unruly behavior where Visio shapes automatically snap to a grid and connectors snapping to connection points without your permission? This default behavior was driving me insane on a new laptop yesterday. You can turn off snap to connection points and/or glue to connection points, among a host of other snap and glue settings. You can also add this to a the Quick Access Toolbar (the bar way at the top of the Visio window) or to the ribbon.

However, these menu options are fairly well-hidden. Here’s a quick pointer to where to find that menu.

1. Right click a blank area of the ribbon

2. Click Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

3. Select All Commands in the top-left drop-down

4. Choose Snap & Glue… in the list and add it to the list on the right.


Now you’ve got quick access to Snap & Glue settings on the Quick Start menu (the little green circle), you can stop the unwanted behavior. Click on the icon to open the Snap & Glue menu.



If you uncheck Snap and Glue in the left hand column, control of shape placement and connector behavior returns to you.


One thought on “How to disable automatic Snap and Glue behavior in MS Visio 2013

  1. Dana Good

    OK, here’s an answer.

    If the above does not work for you, i.e. you still can’t get your connectors to connect to the sides of your objects, do the following:

    In the Snap & Glue dialog shown above, leave both Snap and Glue selected.  Then click the Advanced tab. On the right-hand side, under “Snap strength”, note whether “Points” is set to zero.  If it is, the size in pixels of all other connection points is zero.

    Set all pixel values to something (1 works). The larger you set “Points” to, the easier it will be to locate the additional connectors.

    Thanks to my intrepid colleague Katie for helping me find my way through this horrible maze.  Our massive, complicated, QP state machines became un-updatable when we migrated to Visio 2013.  Now I have hope, and I hope you will, too.

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