Free Webinar – Making the move to cloud automation

With the increased uptake of cloud technologies across the board, Kelverion have seen a significant shift in companies moving their automation from on-premise to the cloud.

We are also getting a lot of requests from companies looking to understand if cloud automation is right for them, what’s involved in migrating and what will automation look like in the cloud.

With experience and expertise in both System Center Orchestrator and Azure Automation, Kelverion have guided many companies through migrating from Orchestrator to Azure.

On the 12th September we will be holding a webinar to show you how you can migrate your automation from On-Premise to the cloud and highlight some of the tools available to help take you through the process.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Can We Actually Migrate to Azure Automation? – We will look at common concerns around migration.
  • Things to consider when migrating from on premise to the cloud.
  • Approaches to Migration – We will look at three common migration strategies and the tools that support them.
  • Demo of what a converted automation runbook looks like in the cloud.
  • Migration Services – what help is available if you want to migrate.

Click here to sign up to our webinar and join us on Wednesday, 12th September at 11AM BST

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