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    Richard Harris

    So I’m trying to get this install of SCSM 2016 up and running, but issues keep coming up.

    ATM the priority is the SelfService portal, but after installing when trying to view the page it just gives an error about ”
    <h2><i>Object reference not set to an instance of an object.</i></h2>

    So I figured since most of the installation blogs have the DW installed before the portal I’d install the DW, but after installing the DW it errors out with error 1603 when I try to apply CU5.

    Initially the SyncMP Job was hanging at 2/48, but after clearing the cache on the MP the Sync jumped to complete. (odd)

    But still the portal gives the same error and still the DW won’t take the CU5.


    ATM the setup is as follows.

    MP using the same SQL as SCCM

    A server with SSRS installed (IE not on the DB server as I previously had issue with SCOM killing the reporting service for SCCM, so the Reporting servers are not on teh DB server)

    I added SSAS to the DB server

    The install of the DW seemed to go ok other than the sync seeming to take 48+hours till I cleared the cache.

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