FAQ: What are the Software Prerequisites for ConfigMgr Linux Client?

Here is a documentation omission I discovered (and reported) recently when I encountered difficulties getting the Linux client to function as expected in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1.

The Problem

I installed the Linux client on a Suse (SLES) 11 server, but found the client was completely non-functional. I assumed I must be missing some software prerequisites and went to the TechNet documentation for the answer, checking the sections that promised this info:

All I found were circular references, with each section pointing me to another!

The Answer

A quick check in with the product team revealed that this info, was missing from the documentation. However, they mentioned that although the Configuration Manager Linux client is different from the Operations Manager Linux client, the software prerequisites are the same.

The software requirements for the Operations Manager client (which are the same as those for the Configuration Manager).


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