OpsMgr 2007 Maintenance Mode without OpsMgr Admin Rights

I know some of you have used earlier version of this and this post is to let you know there is an update for my Agent Maintenance Mode solution.

It allows you to start Maintenance Mode from an monitored server using just a vbscript. Using this requires absolutely no permissions in Operations Manager.

The MaintMode.vbs writes an event to the event log that indicates the length of time Maintenance Mode should remain on. This is picked up by the management pack and processed on the RMS to turn on Maintenance Mode for that server. The on time can be specified in days, hours or minutes.

Highlights of changes in this version:

Management Pack Changes

  • Added Powershell modules in MP (R2 feature) to replace scripts on RMS. Some logic reworking in scripts
  • Support for Server 2008
  • Fixed ON/Off logic to not put Health Service and Health Service Watcher in to Maint Mode as R2 puts HS and HSW in to MM automatically
  • Added Maint Mode event collection rules
  • Added Schedule Maint Mode text file option at C:\MaintenanceModeSchedule.txt – origional by Steve Rachui (available HERE
  • Disables discovery on RMS as Maintenance Mode should not be used on RMS


  • Now logs the username in the event log of who turned it on: “Maintenance Mode: ON for 6 hour(s): 360 . Turned on by domain\user”
  • Adds registry markers to indcate current status under HKLM/Software/OpsMgr/Maintenance Mode. Can be used by patching tools.
  • Added STATUS option that reads current status from registry.

Click the Download button to be directed to the download location on Derek Harkin’s blog.