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Related Items for Review Activity in #SCSM 2012

After my blog post about adding Related Items tab to Manual Activity form in Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager, we have found out that some people just need the same ready-to-go solution for Review Activity. As I wrote in my first blog post, you can use the same control with Review Activity form. All […]

Extract Attachments from SCSM WorkItems

We all know that Data Warehouse server in Service Manager(SCSM) does not store any attachments.However, i recently worked on an interesting client request in which client wanted to Extract the attachments from all the closed incident work items and save it on a shared drive and then add a new column in the custom report […]

SCSM Secondary Mgt. Server Installs Fail

During an engagement, we ran into a puzzling issue and were unable to install a SCSM Secondary Mgt. Server on any server we tried, even after complete rebuilds. Hours of troubleshooting and scouring issues with SCSM Secondary Mgt. Server installs, our issue was still unresolved. We finally threw in the towel and engaged Microsoft. Sigh. […]

System Center Universe 2015 APAC videos are now available on Channel 9! #SCUAPAC2015 #CH9 #SysCtr

System Center Universe 2015 APAC videos are now available on Channel 9! These include sessions by Raymond Chou, Alec King, Symon Perriman, Chris Ross, Pete Zerger, Marcel Zehner, Mike Resseler, Vincent de Vries and lots of other great speakers! Check it out the 22 SCU 2015 APAC videos at