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Webinar: Migrating to Azure and monitoring your hybrid environment

“Don´t be a dinosaur, how to stay on top of your it Infrastructure when transitioning into Azure” — Join Niklas Akerlund, MVP, Cloud and Automation Expert to hear about the latest developments with Azure migrations. You can check out his blog here. Change is happening incredibly fast in today’s IT delivery, and for a service provider, it’s about embracing the […]

Quickly Determine if Servers are in OMS

It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything, having transitioned to a role focusing on Azure. Like a number of you, I’m taking point on getting our on prem servers to send data to OMS directly. This includes Windows and Linux. We’ve come up with some creative ways to do this–especially if you […]

SCOM 2016: Management Configuration Service group failed to perform snapshot synchronization work item for a period of time

Fellow Systems Center professionals, maybe you can help me with this recurring issue. I am getting alerts like this almost every day multiple times. The KB articles,Technet all point to the tweaking of parameters in configservice.config file. In 2016 they are already specified as per recommendations- Timeout values, delta sync etc. I also changed MDOP […]

Kelverion Runbook Studio v3 is here!

Introducing the new Runbook Studio v3 In our recent webinars we showed how various parts of your cloud IT infrastructure could be automated with the Runbook Studio which simplifies the building and management of automation runbooks. With our latest release we have massively enhanced the usability of the Runbook Studio to apply that same simplicity to […]

Automated Cloud VM Provisioning – Free Webinar

Kelverion are now seeing a significant ramp-up in our Enterprise Customers leveraging Microsoft Azure Automation to solve many of the normal IT Process Automation challenges. From Kelverion’s expertise in automation and integration with Systemcenter and Orchestrator we have used our knowledge to help transform the Azure Automation space. In this quick 30 minute webinar we will be covering Virtual Machine setup […]