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Self-Service Software Deployment – ServiceNow and System Center

One of the challenges with transitioning to cloud applications and infrastructure in the enterprise is getting them to work well together with on-premises systems. Without good integration options, cloud apps become silos of functionality and data that make it more confusing for users and difficult for admins. For example, ServiceNow is being widely adopted for […]

Azure Automation Hybrid Runbook Workers: A First Look

Azure Automation is Microsoft’s cloud-based workflow engine that executes PowerShell-based runbooks to orchestrate complex, repetitive, or time-consuming tasks. From its release until now, your options for automation using the tool were limited, because it could only operate against Azure cloud resources. It began life as a tool for automating virtual machine or website provisioning in […]

Getting Started with Self-Service VMware Deployment using Service Manager and Orchestrator

  How fast can your end-users get their hands on a new virtual machine for development, testing, or otherwise? The honest answer for a lot of us is…not very fast. A paradox of virtualization is that it makes deployment easy, technically speaking, but it doesn’t solve the process problem. And in a cloud infrastructure world, […]

Dynamic Application Deployment – Configuration Manager, MDT, Orchestrator

When deploying new desktops, laptops, and servers with Configuration Manager, how do you manage which applications are installed out of the box? I’ve come across different approaches, including: One-size-fits-all “monster” image with all possible applications pre-installed Several images with different sets of apps included Using a UDI wizard to select apps during the deployment in […]

Getting PowerShell v3/4/5 & Orchestrator To Play Nice

Because integration packs can’t do everything and PowerShell can do so much, the learning curve for Orchestrator almost always includes the disappointing realization that its included Run .Net Script activity has some important limitations when executing PowerShell scripts. Mainly, this is due to Orchestrator running PowerShell scripts in a legacy 32-bit, version 2.0 environment, rather than a […]

Join #pzerger #CFullerMVP #MikeResseler for how to Automate Management of your Hyper-V Environment live on this Wednesday! #SYSCTR #SCORC #SCOM #Veeam

This Wednesday (1/14/2015) Pete, Mike and I will be teaming up for the first time ever for a presentation on how to automate management of your Hyper-V environment. It’s not often that you get three MVP’s with this much System Center background and diversity working together on one session. If you are interested in how […]