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Linux specific rules and monitors failing to load on the two Management Servers in Linux Resource Pool Event ID 1102

Fellow SCOM enthusiasts, I have started experiencing this issue where Linux specific rules and monitors failing to load on the two Management Servers . We have tried clearing the health service state and cache on the Management Servers, Ran “Remove-SCOMDisabledClassInstance” command to make sure no obsolete entries are resulting in this behavior but the Event ID […]

Webinar TODAY: Migrating to Azure and monitoring your hybrid environment

“Don´t be a dinosaur, learn how to stay on top of your it Infrastructure when transitioning into Azure” — Join Niklas Akerlund, MVP, Cloud and Automation Expert to hear about the latest developments with Azure migrations. You can check out his blog here. Change is happening incredibly fast in today’s IT delivery, and for a service provider, it’s about embracing […]

SCOM 2016: Management Configuration Service group failed to perform snapshot synchronization work item for a period of time

Fellow Systems Center professionals, maybe you can help me with this recurring issue. I am getting alerts like this almost every day multiple times. The KB articles,Technet all point to the tweaking of parameters in configservice.config file. In 2016 they are already specified as per recommendations- Timeout values, delta sync etc. I also changed MDOP […]

SCOM1801 Migration Webinar

Microsoft recently released a new update for Operations Manager, known as SCOM 1801, and we are here to give you the key facts. Join our webinar presented by Aditya Goda, Program Manager at Microsoft, and MVP Bob “SCOM-Bob” Cornelissen, Managing Consultant at BICTT, to learn about: HTML5 Dashboards Linux Monitoring Improvements Migration Planning and the new “Semi-Annual […]

SCOM Virtualization host CPU spikes

A lot of the core functionality SCOM 2016 have today was released with SCOM 2007. SCOM 2007 was released (as the name states) in 2007, at the very, very early stages of virtualization. 2007 Was also the start of my professional IT career and I remember only the moste assertive companies with most capital was […]

Free SCOM Reporting eBook – MVP Tips and best practices

Whether you are a complete noob or a SCOM master with several certifications under your black belt, this eBook will take your SCOM reporting skills to the next level. Microsoft MVPs Bob “SCOM-Bob” Cornelissen and John Barreto joined forces with Savision to create the ultimate 23 pages guide to SCOM reporting. Here is a quick […]

Get-SCOMManagementPacks 4.4

I’ve just released the latest version of this script you can find at GitHub. There is just a small fix provided by Lynne Taggart in this release. Basically Microsoft changed the layout of their download page once again so we needed a slightly different logic to pull the MP version and publish date information.

Webinar : Office365 MP monitoring with SCOM

Many organisations have been moving to Office365 and placing resources in the cloud. One large request we have from our community is for better visibility on their O365 environment in SCOM, their on-prem monitoring tools. We are happy to present the new O365 Management Pack from our partner NiCE-IT Management Solutions together with a new Service available […]

Management Pack Knowledge Authoring Tool

Management Pack Knowledge Authoring Tool provides online WSIWIG editor for creating Knowledge Articles in the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) management packs. Knowledge Authoring Tool provides the following functions: Create and edit Knowledge Articles content in the WSIWIG editor. Supports all localizations. Copy-paste the contents of the Knowledge Article from Word in the WSIWIG editor. […]