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SNMP discovery fails in SCOM 2012

Last month we have discovered a funny situation which I would like to share with you. We have monitored some custom Linux-based hardware appliances with SCOM 2007R2, this was working quite fine for some years. Some months ago we have decided to migrate them to SCOM 2012 as would like to shut down the old […]

Import-Module failed in ManagementPack Script

Well same script works for you, and doesn’t works in ManagementPack script. The only different is you are running in LocalSystem account, which is very common in SCOM. The fix solution is easy too: Either deploy your script to:

 Set $env:PSModulePath add your module path before Import-Module call.

Yes, I am having trouble import […]

Event Parameters refresher

Well I’ve finally had the opportunity to use Event parameters in a MP, and it was quite easy. The request was to send an alert when a specific statement was written to an event log event description. Using these two resources it was quite easy, Kevin Holman’s article on this a few years ago, and […]

System Center Virtual User Group #21 and ATLSMUG Meeting 9/13/2013

Please join us Friday September 13, 2013 for another joint meeting of the ATLSMUG and System Center Virtual User Group meeting #21. I look forward to seeing you there! To register to go to the physical location in Alpharetta GA, please go to: To Register and get attendee information for the virtual meeting please […]