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Free E-book: Inside #MSOMS v2 now available

It took us some time but we’ve managed to update the one and only free OMS book. We had plans to release it earlier but unforeseen things has happened which prevented us to do it earlier. I hope you will understand but you will still enjoy it. The other authors and me put a lot […]

Azure Journey–Azure Dev/Test Labs–Formulas

A formula in Azure DevTest Labs is a list of default property values that can be used to create a virtual machine.  You can use the default values or change them, but it gives you a baseline from which to start. You can create a formula from either a base machine image in Azure, or […]

Azure Journey–Azure Dev/Test Labs–Creating A VM With Artifacts

Dev/Test lab artifacts allow you to specify actions that are performed on the VM when it is created.  These actions can include things such as installing applications, running PowerShell scripts, and running Bash commands. You can also apply artifacts to a VM after it has been created. So let’s create a VM and include artifacts […]

What is in an ARM Template – Understanding All Components

As we discussed earlier in the introduction Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template is a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file that defines one or more resources to deploy to a resource group. It also defines the dependencies between the deployed resources. In this post, we will deconstruct any basic ARM template and will understand it’s various […]

JSON 101 for IT Administrators

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates are written in JSON or JavaScript Object Notation. To understand ARM templates, you need to understand few quick basics about JSON. These will enable you to lay a great foundation which will enable you to understand ARM templates very easily. JSON or JavaScript Object Notation (pronounce like “Jay-son”) is a […]

How to deploy OMS Agent on Linux

There are multiple ways how to deploy the OMS agent on your Linux server. In my post,  I am going to make use of GitHub and do a quick install on a Linux server. In my environment, I am deploying the OMS Linux (Preview) agent (version 1.1.0-124) on Ubuntu 14.04.4 x64. For the full post, […]