Cross-Platform Posts

Attending MMS and interested in Cloud and Datacenter Management? (#MMS, #SYSCTR)

One of the proposed Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions at MMS is “Cloud and Datacenter Management Roundtable”. This BOF session is for System Center SME’s, the Cloud and Datacenter MVP’s and product team to roundtable discuss all items in the Cloud and Datacenter management space (basically everything other than Configuration Manager). If you have a question about […]

Reporting on Veeam nworks CI’s using the Service Manager data warehouse.

Cameron Fuller did a great job of documenting the process of pulling in Veeam nworks CI’s from Operations Manager here. One additional step that is required for reporting is to author a management pack that will create views in the Service Manager data warehouse, where you should be doing your reporting. I have written a […]

System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Analyzer

Earlier this month Microsoft came out with a Configurations Analyzer for System Center 2012 SP1 suite of products. This is a one stop shop for the entire suite. This tool allows you to ensure that you have best practice configuration prior to beginning the Service Pack 1 upgrade. This tool isn’t a guarentee but it […]

Operations Manager and sudo – not found? (#SCOM, #UNIX)

During a recent Operations Manager Unix/Linux agent deployment we were experiencing failures when deploying the agent because sudo could not be found. The details are shown below:   Failed during SSH discovery. Exit code: 127 Standard Output: Sudo path: /user/bin/ Standard Error: ksh[11]:/usr/bin/sudo: not found.   Resolution: On the systems experiencing the issue add a […]

SCOM 2007R2 – UNIX Process and Process Performance Monitoring

Overview: Monitoring unix processes for their availability and performance is key to understanding an applications performance. SCOM does provide a solution to monitor the availability of unix processes but doesn’t help collect performance data for those processes. In this article, I am sharing the custom Unix process monitoring management pack that will monitor unix processes for their […]

MMS 2013 Content Survey now available!

Planning for Microsoft Management Summit (MMS 2013) has begun and Microsoft wants to hear from you! From their email: The success of MMS is based on aligning the conference to your training goals and objectives.  By completing the MMS 2013 Content Survey, you have the opportunity to help shape the event’s approach and training content. […]

SCOM 2007R2 – UNIX Text Log Monitoring

Overview: One of the most common monitoring requirements in large complex environments is the monitoring of log files in the Unix environment for certain specific error statements or phrases or regular expressions. In this demo, we will create a custom Unix log monitoring management pack that will cater to most of the log monitoring scenarios […]

How to check if your CPU Supports Second Level Address Translation (SLAT)?

What is SLAT? SLAT or “Second Level Address Translation” technology is mainly used by Hyper-V to perform more VM memory management functions and reduce the overhead of translating guest physical addresses to real physical addresses. As result, Hypervisor CPU time is significantly reduced, and more memory is saved for each VM. Second Level Address Translation […]

Import-Module Error Message from a PowerShell Script for a Recovery Task in SCOM 2012

While working on a PowerShell script to Reset the Health State of a monitor (as a Recovery Task) in SCOM, my script kept returning the following error message while still succeeding. A Screenshot is also included further down.

The Script Code is shown below:

Explanation As of August 15, 2012, PowerShell 3.0 is […]