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Banishment for Silverlight

Banishment for Silverlight For years, our flagship product, Live Maps Unity has come complete with a web-based console so that you can view the state of your business services in the web browser of your choice. However, the Live Maps web console has started to show its age; this is most apparent in its use […]

Self-Service Software Deployment – ServiceNow and System Center

One of the challenges with transitioning to cloud applications and infrastructure in the enterprise is getting them to work well together with on-premises systems. Without good integration options, cloud apps become silos of functionality and data that make it more confusing for users and difficult for admins. For example, ServiceNow is being widely adopted for […]

Dynamic Application Deployment – Configuration Manager, MDT, Orchestrator

When deploying new desktops, laptops, and servers with Configuration Manager, how do you manage which applications are installed out of the box? I’ve come across different approaches, including: One-size-fits-all “monster” image with all possible applications pre-installed Several images with different sets of apps included Using a UDI wizard to select apps during the deployment in […]

The SCU videos and PowerPoint decks are now online! #SCU2015 #SYSCTR

All of the presentations and PowerPoint decks from SCU 2015 are now online and available at: SCU 2015 Video Playlist SCU 2015 PowerPoint Presentations These videos and the PowerPoint presentations plus the SCU Network recordings (and the SCU 2013 videos and presentations) are available at:

The System Center Universe is coming in 14 days #SCU2015

You do not want to miss the opportunity to be at System Center Universe (SCU) this February 4th. You want to know why? Here’s the top 5 reasons why you do not want to miss SCU2015! Speaker and session lineup: I can’t even imagine a more jam packed day of sessions or a better group […]