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Patching Lync & Skype for Business

When patching Lync & Skype for Business, beekeeper has a validation pack that contains PowerShell scripts to remove a system from service. Once its out of service, patching can take place. These pre-patching PowerShell validation tasks include: Verifying a server can be removed from service using the Get-CSPoolUpdateReadiness cmdlet Testing whether there are any active […]

SCCM PowerShell One-Liners

List outstanding software updates targeted at a remote client:

List outstanding applications targeted at a remote client:

Invoke Application Deployment Evaluation to a remote client:

[Invoke Machine Policy Retrieval and Evaluation to a remote client:

Invoke Software Update Deployment Evaluation to a remote client:

Invoke Software Update Scan:

Invoke […]

How to Deploy Office 2016 ProPlus Click-to-Run with ODT and SCCM

In this blog post, we will be deploying Office 2016 ProPlus (retail) with Office 2016 Deployment Tool and System Center Configuration Manager. Office 2016 Deployment Tool (ODT) To begin, we need to get the Office 2016 Deployment Tool (ODT). That can be downloaded from here, Microsoft Download Center. Create a folder on your SCCM application source folder, I called […]

Add computer OU column to SCCM reports

There a various reports that I would like to add a column which includes the computer OU.  I don’t know SQL so I was wondering if I could get help to create a query.  A couple of the reports in particular I want to add the computer OU column to are the Inactive clients details […]

Achieving the Impossible in Bandwidth Management

Throughout history, people have often said certain things were impossible, including: Sailing around the world (because it’s flat!) The four-minute mile Breaking the sound barrier Space flight While all of those things happened, some people still refuse to believe them. For example, the Flat Earth Society still says the earth is flat. At Adaptiva we […]

Business Intelligence + IT Monitoring + IT Service Management = BSI

Managing hybrid environments comes with many challenges, and one of those challenges is the realization that organizations need to modernize their IT operations to improve service delivery in order to keep up with the hybrid world and the digital transformation. With surmountable pressure to deliver business value and get IT infrastructure to operate more efficiently, […]

Grow your IT maturity through Business Service Intelligence

Despite the many new technologies brought to the datacenter in the past 10 years, the relative maturity of organizations’ IT operations has remained constant. The focus remains on fire-fighting and buying technologies to fix problems, rather than focus on strategic technology purchases that can drive innovation and be more competitive in the market:tech Taking the Gartner […]

MMS is coming to town…

If you are interested in System Center it is equally exciting to how it sounds. MMS is returning and it’s returning very soon! MMS returns to the Mall of America on May 16th (pre-con day) through the 19th so we are just under two months away from one of the best System Center focused events […]