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Configuring RSA Authentication Agent for ADFS 3.0 + Office 365

Security/Multi-Factor (MFA) are some of the big buzz words this year (2017) and when deploying Office 365, MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is almost a no-brainer. In the following post, I will demonstrate how to configure RSA Authentication Agent for ADFS 3.0. There has been some configuration done prior to the agent deployment, ie. TCP/UDP ports, RSA Auto-Registration, […]

PowerShell Deployment Toolkit (PDT) Update for SQL Server 2014

The PowerShell Deployment Toolkit (PDT) is a set of scripts and knowledge for automated deployment of Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1/R2, including SQL all prerequisites, and all automatable post-setup integration. For additional knowledge on using PDT, please check out the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit Wiki on TechNet. I’ve been using PDT for several years to keep […]

Automation By Example with the Nest Thermostat

I am excited to launch a new series of blog posts and videos which will provide information on a variety of automation technologies and give my perspective from having worked with these technologies in my own life and home over a period of time. Technologies in this series will span home automation, personal automation and […]

SCOM Advanced Authoring : Powershell Discovery from CSV file – Explained using “TCP Port Monitoring” Scenario

SCOM is exceptional tool which allows IT Administrators to customize the monitoring scenario to any extent. To have a customized monitoring solution, one must understand the authoring capabilities in SCOM, so that the solution can be easily implemented, highly optimized and has less overhead on SCOM Management servers and agents. In this post we will […]

The Technology to Business Experiment by Sam Erskine

IT Pro to IT Scientist blog series: The Technology to Business Experiment – “A Savvy Vision” “New technology approaches and mind-sets continue to transform the business world.” Well not really, actually! Do we really understand what business needs and what outcomes matter? It depends! We see two approaches to the challenge in the eyes of technology […]

Self-Service Software Deployment – ServiceNow and System Center

One of the challenges with transitioning to cloud applications and infrastructure in the enterprise is getting them to work well together with on-premises systems. Without good integration options, cloud apps become silos of functionality and data that make it more confusing for users and difficult for admins. For example, ServiceNow is being widely adopted for […]

Azure Automation Hybrid Runbook Workers: A First Look

Azure Automation is Microsoft’s cloud-based workflow engine that executes PowerShell-based runbooks to orchestrate complex, repetitive, or time-consuming tasks. From its release until now, your options for automation using the tool were limited, because it could only operate against Azure cloud resources. It began life as a tool for automating virtual machine or website provisioning in […]