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SC2016 Orchestrator IP for SNMP

Hi, does anyone know if SC2016 Orchestrator can receive and process SNMP traps. I want to write a runbook to receive SNMP traps from a application and convert them in SCOM alerts. Raise/Clear etc. However I can not find a ‘Monitor SNMP Trap’ action in the standard IP’s a search on Google has also drawn a blank.

Azure Deployment Options

Before Ignite 2018 Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and specifically ARM templates are the only deployment option available. I am excluding Azure CLI, AzureRM PowerShell, SDKs, etc. from this list of course. At Ignite 2018 Microsoft has announced two other options – Azure Blueprints and Azure Deployment Manager (ADM). This blog will express my opinion on […]

Linux specific rules and monitors failing to load on the two Management Servers in Linux Resource Pool Event ID 1102

Fellow SCOM enthusiasts, I have started experiencing this issue where Linux specific rules and monitors failing to load on the two Management Servers . We have tried clearing the health service state and cache on the Management Servers, Ran “Remove-SCOMDisabledClassInstance” command to make sure no obsolete entries are resulting in this behavior but the Event ID […]

Subscription Level Deployment Schema

Not so long ago in Azure we only had resource group level deployment but a couple of months ago subscription level deployments were implemented. On resource group level we deploy resources like Azure VMs, Service Apps, Azure SQL databases, etc and on subscription level we deploy policy definitions and assignments, resource groups (yes they are […]

Webinar TODAY: Migrating to Azure and monitoring your hybrid environment

“Don´t be a dinosaur, learn how to stay on top of your it Infrastructure when transitioning into Azure” — Join Niklas Akerlund, MVP, Cloud and Automation Expert to hear about the latest developments with Azure migrations. You can check out his blog here. Change is happening incredibly fast in today’s IT delivery, and for a service provider, it’s about embracing […]

Free Webinar – Making the move to cloud automation

With the increased uptake of cloud technologies across the board, Kelverion have seen a significant shift in companies moving their automation from on-premise to the cloud. We are also getting a lot of requests from companies looking to understand if cloud automation is right for them, what’s involved in migrating and what will automation look like in the […]

Demystifying Azure Policies with ARM Templates

In my blog post Defining Input Parameters For Policy Definitions in ARM Template I’ve showed you how to use deploy policy definitions with parameters via ARM template. I didn’t described completely on why such workaround is needed but I think now it is good time to explain that as well. The topic is a little […]

Platform Image Azure Policy Definition Example

Azure Policy team has a GitHub repository of Policy definitions examples. Recently I’ve been looking at some of the examples there and I’ve noticed that one of them was not working correctly. Specifically I am referring to Platform Image Policy. Additionally the example contains only the rules. It does not have ARM template for deploying […]