Live Maps v8: New Out-of-box Services part 2

Live Maps v8: New Out-of-box Services part 2

In case you are not familiar with Savision’s flagship solution, Live Maps enables you to visualize and understand the availability of your business-critical services. With Live Maps you can easily model your key business services and immediately see valuable information about their health and performance. Many of our customers have custom applications and services that they need to model, however, many of them also use the same key Microsoft applications like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft SharePoint.

Within previous releases of Live Maps, we had already provided a collection of out-of-box services on those applications to help make it easier for customers to manage their current infrastructure. We have been providing since then out-of-box support for many of these business-critical and commonly used applications through management packs that are quick and simple to import. They are easy-to-deploy service models that leverage the knowledge of your IT and application experts and allow them to visualize the health of your applications in an intuitive and yet detailed manner. In part 1 of this blog, we described the other 3 out-of-box features that were part of the release of Live Maps v8. In case you missed it, the previous blog covered:

  • Exchange 2010
  • Configuration Manager 2012
  • Skype for Business 2015

This blog describes the 3 remaining out-of-box services out of the 6 that were shipped as part of Live Maps v8:

  • Windows DNS
  • Windows DHCP
  • Windows Remote Desktop Services

These services cannot be defined as a business service because they are not directly customer facing. They are however essential for business services to function. In the literature they are usually referred to as IT services or Infrastructure services. Live Maps allows you to define the dependencies between services so it is directly clear when the root cause of your business service outage is due to a failing IT service.

Would you like to know more about the rest of the features in Live Maps? Click here to read our blog post and try Live Maps for free!


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