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I have been working with OpsMgr for some time and know something about Management Pack development.

Recently I had a project where SCOM needed to be configured for WAP usage connecting to SPF and SCOM to finally pull out the relevant data. Needless to say this is pretty challenging because of all tying this all together but got to the point where it all nicely talked together.

After this well we have SCOM and no vision on if this actually works? Strange to say at least!

Asked around the WAP guru’s but there is a pack for SPF and one for WAP, nice….or maybe not…..

Imported the SPF management pack which brought tears to my eyes, it has been since MOM 2005 we are using management packs and this is the result Sad smile

It is a b* to get it to work without proper documentation but managed.

After this the WAP Management pack…. NOOOOOO Crying face

This pack to be really honest is very, very badly written.

To go short it monitors…..Nothing!

Therefore I have rewritten the WAP management pack which now actually works!! Hot smile

It is a V1 I have some extra requests on this and you are welcome to add more!

Please drop me a line if you have additional monitoring requests or suggestions.

Id didn’t work everything in error… so time for some investigation:


The old Pack

When you open the pack you will notice tons of classes for each website a new class.

Which is rather overkill but to top this the discoveries in the pack just check if the class is present.

The properties of the class….well they are hard coded in the pack!


No what is the point of a discovery if you put in hard coded data……

The downside is if you changed your binding this will always fail…because it checks localhost instead of using your custom binding. So everything in error…..

So rewritten this to one class WAP Website

One PS discovery which actually uses the binding it discovers. (clever he ? Winking smile

Next thing which struck me is the event monitors…

I will not go into detail but every monitor had a healthy event ID 4….

So to go short this will never work, even when an alert is triggered if there is another alert and another and another and event 4 runs along…

Yes they all close and return to healthy….

To even top this every event had the wrong source… resulting in no alerts never ever!

Eye rolling smile

So again decided to rewrite the monitors, since there is no healthy state I have rewritten them to rules to avoid manual reset monitors.


The New Pack

Basically I have rewritten the entire pack re-using the events and monitors.

And added some extra stuff to nicely show everything in one place:







The discovery of the WAP sites might take a while, to speed up the process you can change the discovery interval:


Don’t forget to remove the override after discovery to avoid unnecessary workload on the WAP servers.

Download –


Thanks to Darryl van der Peijl for providing the lab environment!

Next up will be Some Dashboards and extra stuff specific to WAP.


Oskar Landman

3 thoughts on “Windows Azure Pack SCOM Management Pack

  1. Jason Chaffee

    Sorry I had to yell that.
    I have been asking and digging for over a year to be able to use scom to monitor the actual wap content. Say, customer websites! Not just the resource providers, although that is obviously important.
    THanks for this, I can’t wait to run upstairs and get this imported.


  2. Jason Chaffee

    My excitement has ben quashed 🙁
    I can’t import due to dependency issues. Are there any other specific dependencies if I am able to import the original WAP MP?

  3. Raivo

    We have full WAP installation in production, but as well we install only the SMA features with the admin portal in several environments for running workflows.

    The MP discovers that there is no tenant and tenant api site installed. I have tried to change the registry keys used for the discovery, but still somehow the unit monitors keep alerting about the non existing sites.

    Any sugestion how to work around this?

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