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Windows 8 Release Preview is the final pre-release version of Windows 8. Starting with Developer Preview, followed by Consumer Preview Microsoft’s reimagining of Windows is almost done with the release of Release Preview, the last test version of Windows 8 which is now available for download. The Release Preview is a stable, fast operating system but some poor selection of inbuilt apps makes us realize that this release of Windows 8 is a beta release and not a finished product. Microsoft is also making new metro style Windows 8 apps for Hotmail, SkyDrive an Messenger available, as well as hundreds of new and updated apps from third-party developers are gradually populated in the Windows Store.

According to Microsoft they will focus on different parameters of this last-test version of Windows 8 before launching the final version of Windows 8 to improve the installation process, security and privacy, as well as device and software compatibility. Microsoft’s president of its Windows Division Steven Sinofsky said, ” My team will still be changing Windows 8, as we have done in past releases of Windows” .

Microsoft says, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which debuted at Mobile World Congress in February of this year, is The most tested Microsoft operating system of all time. More than One million downloads during its first 24 hours of public availability and there is no doubt that the people are also very curious about the Windows 8 Release Preview.

New Features of Release Preview

Adding of Flash support to Internet Explorer 10 is perhaps the most significant new feature in the Release Preview. Microsoft and Adobe worked together to bring Flash support for IE10. Microsoft is also maintaining a list of sites that are authorized to use Flash on Windows 8, so your experience will certainly vary. Full Flash support is still available in Desktop mode.

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