Windows 8, IE 10, compatibility mode and SCC

Update Feb 9, 2013 – The newly released (Jan 31st, 2013) System Center Central vNext is written in HTML 5, and so displays nicely in all  HTML 5 friendly browsers, including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others!

I recent rebuilt my laptop to run on Windows 8 and had been working around one annoyance I had found so far – some of the websites which I work with on a regular basis weren’t responding as they had been. As an example, the System Center Central site (SCC) below would not let me log in and didn’t show the top bar with the various areas to route to in the site (Forms, Articles, Downloads, Pack Catalog, etc).


One of my colleagues pointed this trick out to me. When the website is open, press F12 and choose the IE10 compatibility view. After this change I was able to log in and the top bar list is now appearing correctly! (see the grey bar with icons on it below the System Center Central website banner at the top).


Summary: Finding strange issues in web site while you are using Windows 8? In IE10 – to turn on the compatibility option press F12 and choose the different browser mode.

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    A good tip from Brian Pavnick on this:

    Additionally, if you would like to force IE to always browse in compatibility mode do the following:

    1.) Right click on the top bar within IE10 and check, "Menu bar"
    2.) Click on "tools" –> compatibility view settings
    3.) Check, "display all websites in compatibility mode"

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