Windows 8 Fix: Power Meter displays Plugged in, not charging (#Windows8)

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I recently experienced a problem in which my battery would not charge, only a few days after I installed Windows 8. The battery was fine, the power supply was fine, and the motherboard was fine. This was also an issue for some folks running Windows 7, as I found in this thread on the TechNet forums. Because the person had a Dell laptop and battery recalls were mentioned, I was afraid I had a bigger issue.

In the end, these are the steps that fixed the issue for me:

  1. Disconnect AC adapter
  2. Shutdown Windows 8
  3. Remove battery
  4. Connect AC Adapter
  5. Power on the laptop
  6. Open the Control Panel and select Device Manager
  7. Under the Batteries category, right-click all instances of Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery , and select Uninstall, even if you have only one (I had two, as shown in figure 1 below)
  8. Shutdown
  9. Disconnect AC adapter
  10. Insert battery
  11. Connect AC adapter
  12. Power on the laptop

Upon restart, my Power Meter now reflects, Plugged In, Charging (shown in figure 2 below)


figure 1. Batteries node of Device Manager


figure 2. Power Meter

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3 thoughts on “Windows 8 Fix: Power Meter displays Plugged in, not charging (#Windows8)

  1. Avatar of TyTy

    I had the same problem… was lazy and thought I would take a shortcut…

    Note: I have Dell Extended Battery Life Options enabled.

    First thing I tried that didn’t change anything was to just uninstall Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery as noted above, then I did a reboot. Same problem when the system came back up.

    So then following what I should have done above, I disconnected the AC adapter. Then I was curious if it made any difference (again being lazy and trying to cut corners), I plugged it back in… Yep, no change, still “plugged in, not charging.”

    Okay, fine I’ll follow all the directions… disconnected power again and saw a popup that said something about using Dell’s Extended Battery Life… since this was different behavior I plugged the AC adapter back in to see if anything changed… and it had started charging.

    So, I’m lazy and this is what worked for me while the laptop was powered on and logged into:

    1. Unplug AC adapter

    2. Wait 1 min

    3. Plug in AC Adapter

    4. Wait 10 seconds

    5. Unplug AC Adapter

    6. Wait 10 seconds

    7. Plug AC adapter back in


  2. Avatar of adiroadiro

    no no no no!

    much easier than all that…. I have Lenovo laptop and this work for me:

    On the bottom right of your taskbar, click the arrow to show hidden icons. Go into the energy management (it says “energy management when you are on the right button). ┬áIn the red battery section, click on battery mode and switch it to ‘Maximum Battery Life’ and your battery should start charging.


    (by the way, the method instructed on this post didn’t even work…)

  3. Avatar of Pete ZergerPete Zerger Post author

    Sounds like you and I had different causes. In my case, I actually tried what you did first and it didn’t work. The solution I’ve put forward here does seem to have worked for many, but hopefully yours saves a few people the reboot. Thanks for sharing!

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