What’s new in the Cloud Services Process Pack (CSPP) Release Candidate for System Center 2012?

Microsoft have posted a beta refresh of the Cloud Services Process Pack (CSPP), which you can download at


I wanted to put together a quick post on what’s new in this release of the pack, and address the lingering question of chargeback reporting

What is new in this release?

From my first look at the CSPP Admin Guide, I see a two things….the first of which is service provisioning request offerings. In the original beta, request offerings were limited the cloud capacity and virtual machine provisioning and update requests. In my view, that just wasn’t good enough and didn’t make sense in light of the capabilities of the new service template in VMM 2012. At first glance it appears that problem has been addressed.

Their few steps required to enable full functionality of this capability, primarily the creation of service templates in VMM 2012… which I have been working with for some time and have really grown to appreciate.

  • How to Approve a Service Deployment Request
  • How to Create a Service Template in VMM
  • How to Synchronize a System Center Operations Manager Connector
  • How to Provision a Service Deployment Request

For more information, see Creating Service Templates in VMM from

Hey, where’s my chargeback reporting?

In the VMM Self-Service Portal 2.0, which integrated with VMM 2008, or the chargeback dashboard based on Windows SharePoint services. This was noticeably absent from the original Cloud Services Process Pack Beta. However that has been addressed in this update. From the CSPP Admin Guide:

There are two types of reports; project and chargeback. Project reports contain information about available resources. Chargeback reports contain information on costs. Two sample report files are installed with the Cloud services process pack. Each sample report file contains three or four of the following reports:

Virtual Machine Report – The Virtual Machine Report allows the Service Provider, Project Administrator and Capacity Pool Users to be able to view the Virtual Machines along with VM Properties.

Chargeback Report Per VM – The Chargeback Report Per VM Report allows the Service Provider, Project Administrator and Capacity Pool Users to be able to view the chargeback report for the Virtual Machines which they manage.

Chargeback Report Per Project – The Chargeback Report Per Project report allows users to view chargeback costs per project.

Virtual Machines Daily Specs – The Virtual Machines Daily Specs report allows users to view properties of virtual machines.

VM Cost Settings Daily Report – The VM Cost Settings Daily Report specifies changes made to cost configurations.

Other chargeback reporting you may have missed…

I think many people miss the chargeback reporting is delivered in the VMM 2012 management pack for Operations Manager 2012. The Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Management Pack delivers reports for analyzing current capacity and resource utilization in the cloud fabric (storage, network, and compute) and VMs, as well as forecasting reports to help predict future needs. The Chargeback reports provides utilization data based on the dimensions of cloud capacity.

Reports in the Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Management Pack

  • Capacity Utilization
  • Chargeback
  • Host Group Disk IO Forecasting
  • Host Group Disk Space Forecasting
  • Host Group Forecasting
  • Host Group Memory Usage Forecasting
  • Host Group Network IO Forecasting
  • Host Utilization
  • Host Utilization Group
  • Memory Utilization by Virtual Machines on Host
  • CPU Utilization by Virtual Machines on Host
  • Power Savings
  • Resource Utilization by Virtual Machines in Host
  • SAN Usage Forecasting
  • Virtual Machine Allocation
  • Virtualization Candidates

Environment prerequisites

You do have to get a few things in place to take advantage of the CSPP,which of course you can download from the Microsoft website

  • System Center Service Manager 2012 RC
  • System Center Orchestrator 2012 RC
  • System Center Operations Manager 2012 RC
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 RC

Definitely the is definitely some time before we see the System Center 2012 suite as a whole released, so now is a great time to get started familiarizing yourself with the new technology.

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