Welcome to the Modern IT world: Forcing IT out of its traditional role

Welcome to the Modern IT world: Forcing IT out of its traditional role

It has not been until recently that IT was seen as an essential part of the business, but not directly linked to its success. In todays’ competitive markets, where business equals customer, IT has been forced to step out of its traditional role and is now being pushed to prove its business value and align its focus on customers’ needs.

In addition, due to the quick pace at which technology is moving, it is necessary for IT to move to a place where it is fueling business growth, particularly now, that today’s IT world is becoming increasingly hybrid. Managing complex hybrid environments comes with many challenges, and organizations are under pressure to modernize their IT infrastructure in order to operate more efficiently. They are now facing the realization that their current IT management systems need to be modernized to keep up with the hybrid world.

The solution sounds simple, align IT and the business, invest in innovation and spend less on support operations. But how can you avoid making business decisions that negatively impact customers? Is it possible to have one accurate, real-time, visualized information source? Unfortunately, therein lies the challenge. Most organization’s IT budget is lost simply trying to keep the lights on.

We have gathered the top 5 business-related problems that organizations like yours are facing. Are you familiar with any of these?

1. 70 percent of IT budget is spent on keeping the lights on. How can my company save money from our operations budget to focus more on innovation?

2. 80 percent of mission-critical service outages are caused by people and processes, more than 50 percent of these originating from IT changes. How does my team know if our IT services are complying with the service-level and operational-level agreements?

3. The lack of integration between ITSM and monitoring systems gives limited visibility of my organization’s overall health status of services and SLAs. How can we close the gap between IT monitoring and ITSM solutions?

Would you like to find out how you can solve your business-related problems? You can click here to read the rest of our blog spot.

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