Webinar : Office365 MP monitoring with SCOM

Many organisations have been moving to Office365 and placing resources in the cloud. One large request we have from our community is for better visibility on their O365 environment in SCOM, their on-prem monitoring tools.

We are happy to present the new O365 Management Pack from our partner NiCE-IT Management Solutions together with a new Service available in Savision Live Maps. This highly anticipated software release from NiCE is a must-have for anybody moving Exchange and other on-prem services into Azure O365.

Savision Live Maps is the dashboard solution for SCOM, that provides organisations with insight and helps them to correlate, filter and prioritise based on the impact that an outage could have on the business, also known as the end user perspective.

  • During this webinar hosted by NiCE and Savision you will learn how to monitor your O365 subscription and display in Live Maps dashboards:
    • Demo: How-to deploy NiCE MP for O365;
    • Demo: How-to display as a Savision Live Maps Business Service
    • Demo: Use Cases for specific scenarioo


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