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For the past couple of months I have been using the Visual Studio Authoring Extensions quite extensively to build management packs for System Center, so I thought I would share some of what I have learnt, and I am starting with “Go To Definition”.  Now, for experienced users of Visual Studio this will be nothing new, but if you are starting with VS because of the Authoring Extensions, this is really helpful.

The Go To Definition command is a neat little command to take you straight to the definition of a module that you are using within a management pack.  To show the usefulness of this, here is a little example.

You start building a new MP in VS, and you start writing your registry discovery….


You get to the point where you want to call the Microsoft.Windows.FilteredRegistryDiscoveryProvider to use as a discovery data source, but what configuration items need to be passed to this module? 

To find out, simply right click the TypeID, in this case “Windows”!Microsoft.Windows.FilteredRegistryDiscoveryProvider” and select Go To Definition.  This will open the referenced management pack in a new tab in VS and take you straight to that module, where you can view the configuration items required for the module (highlighted in yellow).


I find this extremely useful and a great time saver, as not only does it take you to the correct line in the referenced MP, it also means you don’t have to worry about unsealing the referenced MP!

More (hopefully) helpful tips to come.


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  1. David Allen Post author

    That is a great resource!!! 🙂

    I have also put up a Wiki page which will contain all my posts (and anyone else’s) on using VSAE.  http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/16051.system-center-visual-studio-authoring-extensions.aspx

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