Using Power BI and OMS to visualize event and alert information

In the first blog post of this series we discussed how to visualize security information gathered into OMS through Power BI. In the second blog post we showed how performance information gathered into OMS can be visualized through Power BI. In this blog post we will show how you can visualize all event information gathered by OMS in Power BI.

As it should be apparent by now, the formula and approach to get this data into Power BI is the same in each case. The steps are:

  1. Activate OMS (
  2. Add systems into your OMS (direct attached or through integration with your Operations Manager environment)
  3. Add solutions to your OMS
  4. Create a query for the information which you want to send to Power BI
  5. Visualize the data the way that you would like to in Power BI (

The only parts of this process which are different than the previous two blog posts are the query which is used and the approach which is taken to visualize this data. This blog post will therefore focus on those two items.

For details on this see the full blog post at:

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