Upgrading OpsMgr 2007 to OpsMgr 2012? Read these first!

Based on this forum discussion, you can see Microsoft has made the upgrade process from OpsMgr 2007 R2 to OpsMgr 2012 as easy as they possibly could. In fact, it’s almost foolproof if you RTFM (read the friendly manual), but there is a pretty long of steps I doubt anyone will remember without 1) practice practice practice and 2) some advance reading before you touch the keyboard. If you can’t answer questions like:

-In what order do I upgrade OpsMgr server roles?

-What operating systems are supported?

-If something doesn’t go well, how do I roll back?

then you need to do some reading…

Notes from the Field

Some of the best notes from the field come from community OpsMgr / MP Authoring / PowerShell / .Net guru Andreas Zuckerhut, who shares some insights from the real world.

Operations Manager 2012 Beta – Upgrading from a distributed 2007 Environment with a RMS Cluster. Part 1/2
Operations Manager 2012 Beta – Upgrading from a distributed 2007 Environment with a RMS Cluster. Part 2/2
Operations Manager 2012 Beta – Upgrading Push-Installed Agents
Operations Manager 2012 Beta – Disaster recovering back to 2007 R2
Unfreezing SCOM 2012 Setup

Upgrade resources from MS you should know about…

Microsoft has provided loads of job aids, to help guide your efforts and make the process relatively painless if you leverage these resources.

Pre-Upgrade Task List for Operations Manager

This is a ridiculously detailed list to ensure you are prepared for the upgrade. Review thoroughly before you start – http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh205986.aspx.

Upgrade Process Flow Diagram

This diagram provides a visual representation of the upgrade process. Get it from  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh454967.aspx

Upgrade Path Checklists for Operations Manager

What steps you need to perform depends on your OpsMgr 2007 management group topology. Separate checklists are provided for the different OpsMgr topologies out there:

Upgrade Helper Management Pack

The Upgrade Helper management pack guides you through the upgrade process from System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 to System Center 2012 – Operations Manager for a distributed topology. If you have a single-server management group or you are upgrading from the Beta version of System Center 2012 – Operations Manager, you can run an upgrade without the management pack.


A little preparation now can make for smooth sailing when the RTM bits arrive, so best get started early!

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