Updated MP: SQL Server

The SQL MP which had new version just last month now is updated again. The previous release had some bugs which were addressed and fixed quickly:

  • Fixed CPU Utilization Monitor
  • Fixed SQL Server seed discovery for WoW64 environments
  • Alert severity of Average Wait Time Monitor was changed to Warning, added consecutive sampling to reduce noise, threshold was changed to 250
  • Alert severity of SQL Re-Compilation monitor was changed to Warning, threshold was changed to 25. The monitor was disabled by default.
  • Minor fixes

Great job by the team behind the MP for fixing those bugs quickly. The new version you can find here.

One thought on “Updated MP: SQL Server

  1. MReddy

    Imported it in test environment,

    Happy to see the the PLE alerts going down.

    Collect DB Engine Page Life Expectancy (s)


    Proxy Agent with more then 3 SQL instances configured on a box are still a pain.


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