Updated CleanMOM.exe

Back in January 2008 I blogged about the CleanMOM.exe tool (http://www.aquilaweb.com/blog/index.php?itemid=30) as I was finding it extremely useful and was sure many others would to.  Gathering by the number of hits that post got, I’m guessing I was correct and that CleanMOM was very helpful. 

Since that original blog post though there was a very significant new release of Operations Manager, namely System Center Operations Manager R2.  This release, as we all know, resolved many of the issues in the previous version and must be upgraded to for far improved stability and performance.  These improvements meant that there wasn’t such a need for a CleanMOM tool, which proved lucky as it didn’t work with R2 anyway.

Well now there is an updated version on CleanMOM.exe available.  I know it’s a bit late but at least it’s here.  To download it visit this post by Rob Kuehfus, http://blogs.technet.com/b/momteam/archive/2010/11/16/updated-momclean-reskit-tool-for-om2007r2.aspx.

All the parameters for running the tool remain the same.  If you can’t remember what they are, here you go.

Possible usage:
– CleanMom.exe /c /(xml file name) = Produce inventory XML of installed SCOM components
– CleanMom.exe /a /(xml file name) = Process inventory XML of installed SCOM components
– CleanMom.exe /CleanAgents = Remove SCOM agent MSI information
– CleanMom.exe /CleanServers = Remove SCOM server MSI information



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