Top 10 predictions for the ITOM market in 2016

Check out the Top 10 IT predictions for the ITOM market – This collection provides insightful and bold predictions that will emerge for the ITOM market in 2016. The list is comprised by specific industry guesses as well as some general trends.

1. ITOA will start showing value “out-of-the-box”

Over the last year, the potential of IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) implementations has gained mindshare with CIOs. The industry lacks experts that possess the knowledge and the experience to implement, configure, and work with complex log-consolidation tools. This means that new solutions need to work from day one, right out of the gate, with minimal configuration overhead. In 2016, the challenge will lie in the delivery of real-value and out-of-box use-cases; ITOA tools that are able to deliver real business insights without the need for extensive human interpretation will stand a greater chance of success.

2. CIO’s will need to be smarter with the annual IT budget

As Gartner predicts, IT spending will be flat or down in 2016, due to difficult worldwide economic conditions. With the increasing diversification of the data center, the modern IT environment is increasing in complexity with more technologies and vendors fighting over the same dollars. Increasing complexity means more chance of outages and problems in the infrastructure that take more time and expertise to fix.

3. IT departments will be measured on their value to the business

Instead of being thought of as Cost-Centers, IT departments are becoming increasingly involved in revenue generating activities, regardless of the industry they happen to be in. This naturally turns them into profit-centers, requiring new ways of measuring performance. Instead of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), 2016 will show the expansion of Business Value Dashboards (BVD’s), showing real-time impact of IT services on company profits. Next step will be commission plans!

4. Public Cloud growth will slow down

With government snoopers accessing data by the back-door or through the law courts, the next 12 months will demonstrate a slowing in public cloud popularity. The large Public Clouds such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, have shown considerable strength in their security protocols to ensure sensitive customer data is not leaked or stolen from the many online threats. This is set to change as governments around the world demand jurisdiction over domestically-held data. The pre-dominance of US Cloud providers, combined with the possibility of a Republican-dominated US government, means trust will be thin–on the ground that corporate data is totally safe from US National Interests. There could be a sudden flight back to On-Premise data centers if any major breaches are declared by a government whistle-blower (aka Edward Snowden).

5. Microsoft will take the number-two spot in ITOM market space

With its strong and consistent Cloud strategy, Microsoft continues to grow its share of the IT Operations Management market each year. With the four other legacy incumbents remaining flat or losing share to new challengers, Microsoft can take the second spot in this 23-billion-dollar market from CA Technologies, but will still remain behind IBM’s Tivoli. It is also likely that HP will drop from the Top Five in the market and will be replaced by ServiceNow, who are on course to become a 1 billion-dollar unicorn in 2016.

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