Tools: Document your ConfigMgr 2007 Environment with SCCMAutoDoc by OSCC – Beta 1

icon14sx6 Just saw this in my RSS subs this morning. I am sure a lot of people have been waiting for this tool.


What is SccmAutoDoc?

SccmAutoDoc is a command-line utility that documents a System Center Configuration Manager 2007 site in a human-readable format. Much effort has been put in making the document resemble closely to what you see in the Configuration Manager admin console. SccmAutodoc in other words documents your Site Configuration.

Additionally the goal is to document only relevant settings, and to not include items that are irrelevant. For example if the software inventory client agent is disabled, than it doesn’t make much sense to document the software inventory agent schedule.

What are the software requirements to be able to use SccmAutoDoc?

SccmAutodoc requires a machine with Word 2007 installed and access to the ConfigMgr site server and ConfigMgr Sms Provider. Word 2007 does NOT need to be installed on the Site server/SQL server or Sms Provider computer. The program can perfectly work from a remote machine running windows xp, Vista or Windows 7.

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Where can I get SccmAutoDoc?

SccmAutoDoc beta1 can be downloaded from or

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