Tool-of-the-Week: WinDirStat Logical Disk Space Visualization

SCLogo Operations Manager 2007 and Essentials 2007 / 2010 are great for monitoring logical disk free space, and provide a great deal of flexibility in defining your thresholds, but what do you do AFTER you get an alert that a disk is filling up? How do you identify the top consumers of disk space? I found the perfect FREE (as in beer) tool called WinDirStat that will analyze drive contents and show you which file types are consuming the most space on a drive. Not only does it show you a list of file types and space consumed, it give you a visualization of the drive, with little squares and rectangles of data, sized according to the amount of data consumed on the disk (see image below)

I have used this tool to analyze even the largest volumes with more than 2 terabytes of data. It supports everything from Windows 2000 to Windows 2008 and even works on mapped drives! It’s free and open source (on


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