Tool-of-the-Week: Turn Windows 7 into a Wifi hotspot with CONNECTIFY

Have you ever been in a hotel without free wireless Internet access? As an IT consultant, I am a frequent traveler and often find myself in the situation where wireless access is $10+ a day and charged on a per-device basis. This really sucks when you have multiple laptops, a phone and an iPad.

I found a  free tool that solves this problem by allowing you to easily turn your Windows 7 PC into a wireless hotspot to accommodate connecting multiple devices. While this is technically possible to configure manually yourself, Connectify makes this quick and easy, and allows you to visually track what devices are connected to your hotspot, which is provides a measure of additional security. Connectify allows multiple users to piggyback off a single connection and runs on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 r2. Setup is wizard-based and very simple. Simple and a huge money saver.

In the words of Napoleon Dynamite – “flippin sweet!”.

Here’s what the interface looks like.

Where to  get it

You can download connnectify for free at


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0 thoughts on “Tool-of-the-Week: Turn Windows 7 into a Wifi hotspot with CONNECTIFY

  1. shull


    I do the same thing on my Windows Mobile Sprint HTC. I do not have the data plan, but you can still run this app. It will turn your phone into a hotspot for multiple people. It is called CM Internet sharing or XDA Wifi Sharing. I am not sure of the exact name. I didn’t install it. One of our guys did. It is free, though. You do NOT need the data plan on your phone to make it work, too. Sounds hard to believe, I know, but it works. I use it every time I go out of town where I would have to normally pay for wifi access in the hotel. I just use my Sprint HTC as my hotspot.


  2. Tom Gerald

    I also use my HTC as a wifi hotspot. I suppose if you don’t have an HTC, Connectify might be a good alternative.

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