Tool-of-the-Week: PrimalPad Portable PowerShell Editor

PrimalPad is a portable PowerShell editor you can take anywhere on a USB thumb drive, has no depdendencies…and did I mention it’s free (my favorite price)! As a loyal user of PrimalStudio, I love it when a great vendor releases free stuff!


  • No installation, no dependencies.
  • Just keep it on your thumb drive and run it wherever you need it.
  • color coding for HTML, VBScript, JScript and PowerShell, with line numbers and a multi-tabbed environment.
  • No installation required, just one single executable file.
  • FREE for personal, educational and non-profit use. Make sure you read the license agreement that pops up when you first start it on any computer.
  • Multiple skins for the “fashion conscious” amongst us. I love a script editor that nicely color coordinates with my desktop theme… 😉

Where to Get It

You can download Sapien PrimalPad free of charge by clicking HERE.

There is also LOADS of free stuff on the Community Tools page at Sapien, including the tools, scripts, books, videos…very nice indeed

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