Tool-of-the-Week: Manage your RDP Sessions with RoyalTS

SCLogo I switched over to this app a few months when I could no longer find a free copy of the VisionApp remote desktop session management program. I started with the free version of RoyalTS and discovered I actually liked it better (although both are great tools). It was actually the write-up of another user that turned me onto several RoyalTS features I was unaware of – read Tommy’s thoughts on RoyalTS at

RoyalTS: Tools and tips for my new favorite remote desktop session management tool


  • Configure auto-logon for RDP sessions
  • Organize connections in groups using folders
  • Save all your connections in a file on portable media
  • Configure all the local resource settings (mapped printers and drives)

The bulk provisioning and automation options available make this this app is worth every bit of the $30 USD price tag (and then some) to unlock unlimited remote desktop connections (a free version lets you manage a smaller number). And the bulk provisioning tool leveraging Active Directory (called Royal Phonebook) is great.

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