The Technology to Business Experiment by Sam Erskine

IT Pro to IT Scientist blog series: The Technology to Business Experiment – “A Savvy Vision”

“New technology approaches and mind-sets continue to transform the business world.”

Well not really, actually!

Do we really understand what business needs and what outcomes matter?

The Technology to Business Experiment

Blog: The Technology to Business Experiment

It depends!

We see two approaches to the challenge in the eyes of technology professionals who are responsible for assisting the business:

  1. Tell businesses about all the new approaches available; like cloud services and the great “geek” benefits.
  2. Prescribe great solutions from vendors that will take all the age-old business pains away.

I don’t believe these two approaches connect with business outcomes. Hold on!

Let me explain by:

  • First sharing what all businesses have in common
  • Second use an example to illustrate how we can use an experimental approach to map technology to business outcomes.

What business have in common

There are five universal parts that all businesses share, regardless of size. These five parts are discussed in “The Personal MBA,” a book I read recently by Josh Kaufman who states, “Roughly defined, a business is a repeatable process that:”


Blog: The Technology to Business Experiment

The Experimental Approach

There is so much information on what is new in the technology world every day. How do you connect this with the business?

One approach is through experiments focused on validating outcomes.

Experiments in the scientific world focus on trying new approaches and solutions to solve problems or produce beneficial outcomes.

This is why I believe adapting a scientific mind-set connects with the business problems that technologies can solve.

Why, What and How I hear You Ask?

Let me illustrate with an example of a business challenge:

“Customers are complaining that access to the company website to place orders is slow.”


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