The benefits of business service management and dependency mapping by Dennis O’Reilly

The best way to deliver business services at the speed modern companies require is by using self-service portals and automation. To meet today’s high service quality levels, organizations need to monitor service delivery pro-actively. By using a solution that maps dependencies between IT components and service definitions, you’re able to deliver relevant information to the appropriate stakeholders.

That’s why dependency mapping is key to the timely delivery of quality business services. But dependency mapping has long been one of the most labor-intensive processes in IT. Savision’s Live Maps Unity provides the tools that let organizations monitor server performance using a clear visual interface. When business and IT speak the same language, they start to feel more like they’re on the same team.

Finding success by jumping into BSM with both feet

What does it take to capitalize on the shift to a business service management infrastructure? Based on the experiences of organizations that are realizing the benefits of business-centric IT, making the technology work starts by getting the business side and the IT side to buy into a new way of applying technology to achieve the organization’s goals.

The British engineering firm Atkins succeeded in transitioning to a business-centric IT operation by applying a commercial approach to every project. Formerly, development projects used a “long, thin” strategy: projects lasted as long as 18 months, and often they failed to deliver as promised. Now all development at the company follows the “short, fat” model in which no project extends longer than three months, according to Atkins chief transformation officer Tony Scott.

Key to the company’s transition to business-focused IT is providing the people in the organization with apps and other tools that deliver direct access to the data they need in their jobs. In addition to creating an in-house “app store,” Atkins is devising a data hub that will function as a self-service portal for its employees.

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