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Mitigate speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities

Seems the new year bring us some bad surprises in terms of security. There has been some rumors and now turned out to be truth that certain processors are vulnerable to certain attacks. Yes processors. That means that affects a wide variety of Operating Systems. As Microsoft puts it: Microsoft is aware of a new […]

Free E-book: Inside #MSOMS v2 now available

It took us some time but we’ve managed to update the one and only free OMS book. We had plans to release it earlier but unforeseen things has happened which prevented us to do it earlier. I hope you will understand but you will still enjoy it. The other authors and me put a lot […]

Testing OpsLogix Oracle Intelligent Management Pack

OpsLogix is a Microsoft System Center Alliance partner which develops innovative products for (virtual) infrastructure management. In my experience I was previously working with Oracle Intelligent Management Pack by supporting the SCOM environment of one of OpsLogix reference customers. I’ve never had issues with that MP. As being only supporting part I was not involved […]

Windows Service Monitoring During Specific Hours

If you ever wanted to monitor Windows services, but only during business hours, then this is the post for you.  I have put together an example MP that contains a new monitor type that includes a Schedule Filter so you can specify when the monitor should or shouldn’t run.  The new monitor type is fundamentally […]