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Step-by-Step – Deploying Azure Site Recovery (ASR) OVF Template (VMware On-Premises)

In the following tutorial, I will go through a step-by-step walk-through on deploying the Azure Site Recovery (ASR) VMware OVF template. This OVF template is a critical step as it bridges the connection between your On-Premises datacenter and the Azure Site Recovery Vault. Obviously there are a handful of prerequisites, as we need to prepare […]

How to upload Custom Images to Microsoft Azure using PowerShell

In this post, I am going to show how to upload a custom image used in Windows Hyper-V (2016) to Azure cloud. I will be using a combination of the UI in Hyper-V and PowerShell in Azure Resource Manager. I will be working with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and with Hyper-V 2016 with a custom […]

Extending the native capabilities of Operations Manager with Savision Live Maps by MVP Marius Sandbu

Operations Manager has always been a great tool; the challenge with it is that it requires proper tuning. If it doesn’t receive its proper tuning, it will just generate a lot of noise. However, if properly tuned, it will become an IT-admin’s best friend. Now, one other problem with it is that it’s aimed for […]

Cloud Management: Keep your cloud assets healthy and your IT spend under control

Gartner recently held a webinar “Best Practices for Managing Public Cloud Services”, hosted by Research Director, Mindy Cancila. During the webinar, Mindy discussed the need for appropriate people, processes, and tools, stating “your cloud deployments will fail if you do not plan for management.”  At the same time, she also discussed the relative immaturity of public cloud […]

Self-Service VMware Deployment - System Center Service Manager and Orchestrator

Getting Started with Self-Service VMware Deployment using Service Manager and Orchestrator

  How fast can your end-users get their hands on a new virtual machine for development, testing, or otherwise? The honest answer for a lot of us is…not very fast. A paradox of virtualization is that it makes deployment easy, technically speaking, but it doesn’t solve the process problem. And in a cloud infrastructure world, […]

First Look at OpsLogix’s VMware Management Pack (beta)–Part II

After taking a first look at OpsLogix’s VMware Management Pack I’ve released I’ve missed something that I usually test with such core MPs like this one. That test is to bring the discovered objects from SCOM to SCSM as Configuration Items. It is not something hard to do and I’ve described the process before here […]

First Look at OpsLogix’s VMware Management Pack (beta)

Yep you’ve heard right OpsLogix’s team is putting their forces on creating Management Pack for monitoring VMware. This blog post will not be comparison with another well known management pack for VMware. I will try to give you overview of the VMware Management Pack that OpsLogix is cooking up. Keep in mind that the MP […]