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Working in VMM like Service Provider Foundation and Windows Azure Pack

As we know Service Provider Foundation is the API of VMM. SPF is a web service that can execute tasks against VMM server and WAP just connects to SPF to communicate with VMM so we have the following communication path VMM<->SPF<->WAP. SPF and WAP both have service accounts they use but when a Tenant initiate […]

Hybrid Cloud with NVGRE Whitepaper

I would like to introduce a new whitepaper titled “Hybrid Cloud with NVGRE” that is authored by my mates Kristian Nese (MVP) and Flemming Riis (MVP). Daniel Neumann and me are technical reviewers and helpers with some knowledge. Flemming also provided us with the hardware for the lab and this wouldn’t be possible without him. Please […]

Registering Stamp in System Center 2012 Service Provider Foundation

System Center 2012 Service Provider Foundation is a new component introduced in SP1. Actually it is still not with status component because it is included in the installation DVD of System Center 2012 Orchestrator SP1. Nevertheless it seems it will key part of System Center Family. And may be the only reason that is not […]