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A Sneak Peek at Squared Up’s Upcoming OMS Plugin

Introduction If you are an existing Squared Up customer, or have previously evaluated Squared Up’s product, you’d probably already know that currently, other than the existing SQL Plugin, Squared Up dashboards retrieve data via either OpsMgr Data Warehouse (DW) DB, or via OpsMgr SDK. With the recent launch of Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS), over […]

Squared Up Dashboards Community

Squared Up has recently established a brand new web site: https://community.squaredup.com. This is where everyone in the community is able to share Squared Up dashboards. So, it’s pretty similar to TechNet Gallery, but only for Squared Up dashboards. So far, I have produced dashboards for all products in the System Center 2012 (R2)suite. I am […]

How to Create a Squared Up Visio Dashboard for an Existing Distributed Application

Background OK, it has been over a month since my last blog post. Not that I’ve been lazy, I’ve actually been crazily busy. As you may know, I’ve started working for Squared Up after Ignite. So, this is another blog about Squared Up – this time, I’ll touch base on the Visio dashboard. If you […]

First look at SquaredUp’s new Visio plugin

Original Post A short while ago i implemented SquaredUp – a dashboard solution for OpsMgr in the company i work for. A few days ago, they released a new version (2.1) which includes a new Visio plugin. In short, this plugin allows you to add Monitored Objects to your Visio diagram, and show it’s health state […]

Consolidate Multiple Squared Up Instances into Single Dashboard

Recently, I have been involved in many conversations in regards to managing multiple SCOM management groups with other SCCDM MVP colleagues. I am planning to write more on this topic in the future. 2 weeks ago, after I posted using Squared Up as an universal dashboard and demonstrated how to list active alerts from another […]

Accessing OpsMgr Performance Data in Squared Up Dashboard

13/03/2015 Update: Correction after feedback from Squared Up, Squared Up does not read perf data from Operational DB. Thus this post is updated with the correct information. Yesterday, my friend and fellow SCCDM MVP Cameron Fuller has posted a good article explaining the differences between performance view and performance widget in OpsMgr. If you haven’t […]

OpsMgr Dashboard Fun: Server Details Using SquaredUp

After my previous post on how to create a performance view using SquaredUp, the founder of SquaredUp, Richard Benwell told me that I can also use “&embed=true” parameter in the URL to get rid of the headers. I also managed to create another widget to display server details. Combined with the performance view, I create a dashboard […]